Serpents Whisper Ear Bracelet


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      Keep your friends close.

      This mythology around the serpent has long since influenced copious amounts of artwork by our brand founder and chief of design Scarlett C. Dancer before her creation of Mercury Hour. With the stories of Roma serpent worshipers regarding snakes as bearers of good fortune they have reminded a source of inspiration and influence for her always finding their way into every collection. It became time for Scarlett to craft a design worthy of their admiration.


      This piece is hand carved and casted in Sterling Silver. No piercing is required to wear it. Measuring at 2 3/8" long and 1 1/2" wide.

      All our silver is solid .925 sterling. All designs unless otherwise stated are hand carved and casted. All designs are original works of art, hand carved and finished by artist Scarlett C. Dancer, all rights of copyright reserved.

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