Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the turnaround time on jewelry?

A;  Allow 3-4 weeks for the production of your order as each piece is handmade just for you. You’ll receiving shipping info once it’s ready to roll! 

Q: Oh my god I love your work and need it in my shop! Do you Wholesale?

A: Yes! We do offer a vast variety of pieces for wholesale and can be contacted directly for line sheet information. contact@mercuryhour.com

Q: I saw a piece on your site that says sold out - is there any way I can buy one like it?

A: Many of our pieces are made to order and are unlimited in quantity for that reason. For any pieces that say sold out, they were one of a kind pieces. Many factors will go into deciding whether a piece is one of a kind, but oftentimes the stones we work with are unique and cannot be duplicated. We continue to keep them visible so you can get a sense of the past work in the Mercury Hour line, and you're more than welcome to reach out about custom orders. If demand is high enough for any one of a kind pieces we may open them up to limited runs.


Q: If anything happens to my jewelry, can I send it in for repair?

A: If you have any issues please send us a message and we will make the repair for you ASAP. We stand behind our pieces quality, and also know life happens.

Q: Do you allow for exchanges/returns?

A: We allow exchanges up to 30 days from purchase along with receipt and tracking number, we must have the item in order to be able to issue a refund. This does not include one of a kind items or custom orders as those cannot be returned due to their super specialness. If you’re order arrives damaged please message us within 3 days of their arrival for a full refund. 

Q: Do you accept returns of one of a kind pieces or custom orders?

A: We do not allow the return of one of a kind items or custom orders.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

A: YES! We do ship internationally and offer tracking information up until the parcel arrives to your country. However after that point we cannot be held liable for lost property should the package be stolen or misrouted but will do all we can to help you track it down to the best of our ability!

Q: My item was lost via mail can I get a replacement!

A: Sadly we cannot replace the item until our insurance provider has reimbursed us for the item so we can cover item costs, labor and mailing. 

Q: It's the holidays and I live in a large city is their any precautions that I can take to insure the safety of my order?

A: We always believe it's easier to prevent theft then worry about a lost or stolen package afterwards. We will normally email if you live in a city to inquire if you'd like to have signature confirmation added to your order. However if you are worried about your area please put in the comments at check out that you would like signature confirmation added to your order so we can avoid calamity.

Q: I'd like to have my piece shipped to my office or work, is that a good idea?

A: Due to the set up of some office spaces it is not best to have your item sent to a work location. USPS can sometimes say the package was unable to be delivered as there are no post boxes, or receptionists willing to take your goods, making lead times for arrival of your package far longer! Ugh! Especially for international orders as sometimes the customs declarations forms are different then a residential address. YIKES!

Q: Help! My package was stolen or lost, what do I do?

A: We thankfully do insure all packages. However due to the policy of our shipping provider it can take up to 30 days to receive a determination on if your package qualifies for insurance refund. We cannot be held liable for lost or stolen packages that cannot be covered by insurance of our shipping provider should they not meet the requirements of the claim. We cannot remake your order until after the determination is made from our shipper and should it not be covered under insurance then you will need to place your order again. Since it takes 30 days to get this determination information we know that it adds extra stress to an already bummer of a situation, and if this should occur during the holidays the likely hood of getting your replacement package by the holiday is very slim, though we will do all we physically can to make that possible. So please for your own sake if you have had mailing issues in the past do consult our above offer of signature conformation being added to your order.

Q: I need my order by a specific date, for a birthday, what can I do to insure the timely arrival of my package?

A: We hand make each and every piece, making it even more special as a gift so these things do take time. However if you require your piece by a specific date please email us before purchasing so we can confirm that we can rush your order to make your birthday ultimate gift giver dreams come true! Do not just leave this critical timeline info in the additional comments at check out.

Q: I see you do custom orders! Do you offer these for the holidays?

A: Due to the insanity of the holidays and our want to make your custom order extra special adding as much time and care to the piece as it requires we do NOT offer custom orders after September 30th. But do resume taking custom orders after December 31st.

Q: So I know you make everything to order, but due to the holidays will you have ready to ship items?

A: YES! Each Monday on our Instagram starting November 1st we will be detailing what pieces we have in ready to ship stock. This way instead of having to wait for your order some pieces will be available to you to purchase and ship out that Thursday.