About The Brand

Eclectic, honest, craftsmanship make up the world in which Mercury Hour was conceptualized and created. Using bold iconic imagery from timeless styles of bike babes, witches and history brand founder Scarlett C. Dancer hand fabricates wearable lifestyle works of art. From simplistic layering designs to fearless statement pieces we don’t want to be the only jewelry you wear, but we’ll be your favorite.


   We’re so ethical we get Birthday Cards from our suppliers. We work directly with other growing businesses in order to make products that are morally obtained. All of our foundry production is done in New York City, New York by a small family business who uses recycled sterling material. We also have an extremely close relationship with our amazing lapidary friends in Jaipur, India who specially cut and cultivate semi precious stones with high grade quality just for us. We’re clearly proud of our commitment to fair trade ethical sourcing for our working materials, it’s not bragging it’s just true. 
   Our products are handmade in house by a gang of very rad super babes. Each Mercury Hour piece is designed and hand carved meticulously from wax using historically traditional techniques by our Brand Founder and Chief of Design Scarlett C. Dancer here in Richmond, Virginia in the MH House. Each component after casting is then artfully sanded, solder, assembled and finished here in the MH House by a team of all female staff jewelers. So much time and love goes into our pieces we might as well be dating.



“My interest in the arts has existed as long as I can really remember. By age 13 I was fortunate to start learning traditional jewelry smithing techniques;  soldering, wax working and lost wax casting. I wouldn’t know until I was older that all 5 of my great aunts who immigrated to America were bench jewelers for Tiffany and CO, which would make sense of my growing love of craftsmanship. Over the years I would cultivate my skills getting a BFA at Pratt Institute in Art and Design Education, then working as Senior Visual Merchandiser and Display Artist for three different World Flag Ship Store Brands in NYC through the course of my 9-5 career.
It wasn’t til later in life when I woke up from a near death experience with personal tragedy that I would create Mercury Hour. Brands all start for different reasons but for me MH wasn’t just to fill a void of awesome jewelry in the world. By creating pieces that reflected the deepest parts of my personal style I found myself again, came out of the dark, stronger and more sure than ever of who I was and who I wanted to be. Our Crying Scorpion Ring was my first piece in 2014 under the brand. The Scorpion in magick and in many practices is known for its adaptive, transformative, resilient nature. I felt (not only as a Scorpio) that this resonated so deeply with me. It wasn’t before long that our brand message of personal strength through adornment caught on creating an amazing ever growing following. We continue to honor our roots by ethically sourcing materials, hand creating each piece with integrity and donating to Women’s Domestic Violence charities every year. 
While the mission of the brand has changed and grown over time one thing remains the same. I design carefully thought out jewelry for those out of step with the rest of the world that’s mission is to make you feel strong and expressed. These pieces represent everyone who wants to adorn themselves with creative talismans made using imagery from genres that speak to their wild hearts. And each collection is a new experience into the rebellious nature within all of us made in a unique, timeless, and honest way. 
Mercury Hour was born from wanting to communicate outwardly that deep feeling within and I think you’re going to really like us.”- Scarlett C. Dancer, Brand Founder & Chief of Design