About The Brand

We stand for quality, self love and unique pieces for a uncertain world. Crafted with care our Metaphysical Psychedelic, Biker, Witch goods create a lasting impression not only on our wears but those around them. We wanted to produce products that make you feel good by using stones that serve a purpose along with looking bad ass as all hell while wearing them.


When personal tragedy strikes we all want to run and hide under a rock. I found myself in this position, decided I was tired of feeling hurt and wanted to use my creativity for some serious self love. In late 2014 Mercury Hour was born in the wake of my personal cataclysm, using my silver smithing skills learned at the significantly young age of 14 I began crafting jewelry as a totem of my personal strength and perseverance. Because for me their was nothing out there that expressed who I was and how I wanted to feel. 

I knew I wanted to use minerals and stones with true purpose but also wanted the pieces to be an expression of the dark, wild, brooding free spirit in all of us. It's truly become the Mercury Hour Vibe, our customers are here because they have their foot in the door of different worlds, ready to wear what they want, when they want, no apologies needed, a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind and high standards. After years of wax carving, casting, stone setting and cultivating all by hand we here at Mercury Hour have begun to help others express themselves and empower who they are, we truly do bring a whole new meaning to how adornments make you look and feel. - Scarlett