Cherry Bomb Roulette


Post and Metal
Top Design
Bottom Design

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      Do it yourself baby.

      We’ve always been the type to take pride in forging our own path and we believe personal style epitomizes this world view. Creating personalized options that bring to fruition the creativity of all you fierce individuals out there will never stop being a badass good time for us.

      We now present to you the Cherry Bomb Roulette. A do it yourself mix and match of earrings.

      Choose an asymmetrical set, a matching set of your own design or even a wild single earring you create! We will continue to add options to this look so the choices and combinations will be endless.

      *** How it works ***

      1: Decide which ear wire you want: We offer post and S-Hook.

      2: Next, choose your preferred metal: Available in Sterling Silver or inquire via email about custom Gold Plating.

      3: Finally, pick out you design option for the Top and Bottom** to complete your Earring!

      This will create one earring!

      Then Add to cart.

      For a SET just simply make the Quantity 2. For ASYMMETRICAL come back to this product after placing first earring in cart and create another style!


      **Your chosen bottom of the earring will be made in whatever metal material you've chosen for your ear wire.

      *** Love the Asymmetrical look? Check out our Skull Studs to make a wild statement. 

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